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sponsor hunter

...and start your online side-hustle!

What is sponsor hunter?

Sponsor Hunter is a person who tracks down people/businesses who need help with their Instagram Marketing Strategy.

We track them down and offer them the solution.

We work from home.

Each sponsor signed earns the hunter a commission.


How much does a sponsor hunter earn?

On average I earn about $70 per sponsor signed, but that’s totally up to you! This business model is flexible and allows you to dictate the price. So if you can sell at higher price, go for it!

I usually sell spots at $60, $80 and sometimes even $120 profit from a single sponsor. 

Would you like to become a Sponsor Hunter?
I can give you the step-by-step blueprint how to sell between 20-40 spots a month, working 20-40 hours a month, just like me!

DISCLAIMER: This blueprint works only if you do! I can’t guarantee sales or profits, I can only show you every aspect of the business and give you all the tools I use, with instructions how to use them. 

The rest is up yo you.

How to become sponsor hunter?

you don't need

Insta Account at all

nor you will need to grow one

Designer skills

no Photoshop, Premier or any other multimedia software knowledge

sales experience

none whatsoever

any coding

I literally can't write a single line of code

any ads knowledge

you don't have to run any ads to make the sales

you do need

medium english

intermediate written skills are necessary


no surprise here

5-10 hours a week

because for the average $70 commission on successful hunt, it's worth it

the hunter training

in order to learn how to TRANSFORM 5-10 hours a week into successful Sponsor Hunt EARNINGS!

special website

which you will get for FREE, ready to work for you, 24/7, non-stop!

it took me 10 months and $4,800 to
become successful sponsor hunter

For me starting out it was an uncharted territory and I’ve made TONS of mistakes.

But after two years of being Sponsor Hunter myself, I have the territory charted out for you, so you can be profitable from day one!

First I had to research the industry and even become a sponsor my self couple of times, in order to understand how it all works. 

That’s $350 I’ve spent on being a sponsor twice. And of course months and months of research before starting out.

I also did these mistakes, so the future Sponsor Hunters like YOU don’t have to: 

  • spent roughly $2500 on 4 different websites, only to find out that me not selling spots had nothing to do with the websites
  • flushed $1300 down the toilet thinking I need to run Facebook/Instagram ads – now I don’t spend a single cent on ads and make more sales than before
  • spent $650 on online tools to find out I can do without most of them
  • tried to do all the work myself, not realising that I ONLY NEED TO RE-SELL the service and let other professionals provide my clients the service they’ve paid for. I’ve been paid for. <– please read that again.

In total I’ve spent 10 months and close to $5000 before I finally figured out how to be a profitable Sponsor Hunter.

but you can be successful
sponsor hunter in 1 month

Because in 30 days of LIVE training I will give you EVERYTHING you need to start this side-hustle successfully! All the info you need, the right tools the and weekly step-by-step routine.

You will get:

  • Ready-to-Go Website VALUED $1440
  • The Right Lead Sources  VALUED $1240
  • Highly converting Email Templates  – VALUED $990
  • The 5 FAQ Email Templates VALUED $130
  • The 3 Essential ToolsVALUED $600
  •  List of Agencies to Collaborate with and way to locate new ones
    (because you will sell the service, but someone has to provide the service for the sponsors) – VALUED $400


  • The 12 hours of LIVE training to teach you how to use the resources in order for you to generate profit PRICELESS

to start successful online side-hustle as Sponsor Hunter

The 3 things you will need to succeed

12 Hours Live Training

Chapter 1:
Introduction and The Basics - 2 Hrs Live

Chapter 2:
Your New Website - 3 Hrs Live

Chapter 3:
The Sponsor Hunt (sales) - 5 Hrs Live

Chapter 4:
The Mistakes I've made so You don't Have to  - 2 Hrs Live

Specialized FREE Website!

Proven-to-Sell Website modeled after my Winning Websites!
Specifically designed for Sponsor Hunting

Easy to Use - NO Coding at All!
+ 2 Hrs Live training on how to use the website

Completely Free & Original Design
+ unlimited Support

Valued at $1440, but yours for FREE!
you just need to buy the hosting and domain (about $30)

The Necessary Resources

The People Who Buy from You
free and almost free leads

The Email Funnel Templates
email templates that will make those people buy

The Email FAQ Templates
ready replies to the most typical questions

Organization Google Sheet Template
to keep track of your sales, profits, customers and other important data



watch this video before you leave!

I’ve wasted 10 months and $4800, so you can be profitable Sponsor Hunter in 1 month for ONLY $487!

image description: mock up of the “Sponsor Hunter Course”

my successful sponsor hunters said:

The Sponsor Hunter Business Academy are training series, focused on building a very specific, niche-downed side hustle, right? The focus is NOT on teaching you how to do online marketing - at all.

You can actually see inside most aspects of Filip's online home business.

Know what's funny?
I've bought so many marketing courses before and I've watched hundreds of webinars about marketing and I've gained some basic knowledge.

But Filip practically gave me complete business for me to run, that paid out my investment in exactly 59 days.

Now every two weeks I earn about the same amount as the cost of the Academy.
Jelena Savić
26 years old from Serbia
I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life, but I knew it had to be online. I tried working as an UpWork freelancer, but that was a real struggle since I had 0 experience in anything, and I was only working on simple tasks with no real challenge at all.

I've signed-up for the Sponsor Hunter Program in January 2020. Filip gave me the knowledge, the resources and a completely ready website to start my first online business.

Now (May, 2020), I'm proud Sponsor Hunter, run my own home business and have two freelancers hired on UpWork as remote assistants.
Marek Teplický
22 years old from Slovakia
26 years old from Serbia
As a web designer who is just starting out, when I first saw the Sponsor Hunter ad, I thought to my self - "how is it possible to give a website at such low price?". I didn't care about the Academy at all, I was just curious about the .....
Daniel Kraszewski
36 years old from Poland