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Howdy! If you are reading this, the chances are you are an Insta Influencer (to be), who must keep on investing time and effort to keep the follower count grow with real, genuine and laser-targeted followers. I know the struggle, it hasn’t been easy since the last changes of Instagram’s algorithms. I miss the good ol’ days…

However, out of the crisis giveaways were born and now, Influencers are money pooling together in order to keep on growing, just like they did before in the good times! 

The 8 Steps we do To Get You Valuable Followers

Step 1: We look for bloggers who are willing to contribute money for giveaways in order to get you new followers during the 3 days of the giveaway.  

There are two types of participants: the standard (normal spot) and the anonymous (ghost/casper spot)

The standard participant pays lower participation fee, but is obligated to post a picture promoting the giveaway to his followers at the start of the giveaway and the following day as well . The anonymous participant pays a higher fee, but is not required to post anything.  

Step 2: After receipt of payment, you will get an email from us with important information and reminders about the upcoming giveaway. Please whitelist our email.

Half an hour before the agreed time of the giveaway, one of our host accounts will follow all the sponsors. We will be following your account until the giveaway is officially closed & Winner is chosen (4 days). The participating followers of the giveaways will need to follow every person the host account is following until the giveaway is officially closed. 

The anonymous sponsors are not obligated to do this.  

Step 3: These monetary contributions get pooled together into one large prize. Because we all know larger prizes generate more interest, but most of us don’t have the means to afford to give away these large prizes on our own. 

The prizes for each giveaway will always be mentioned in the product description of the specific giveaway so you know what you’re contributing to, and they can vary between $600-1400 from giveaway to giveaway, depending on the number of participants and buy-in price. This money might be split among several winners to generate more interest.

Step 4: Three days before the giveaway, standard participants get instructions about what to write in the description of the photo they decide to post. Please check your emails. This description states the prize and directs all followers to follow everyone the main giveaway account is following. The description will redirect the followers of the standard participants to the main giveaway account and direct them to follow every single person this account is following. This creates a redistribution of followers within the same niche, exactly the type of follower you want! 

Furthermore, each participant of the contest will need to tag one friend of theirs in the comment, and can do this as many times as they please. 

An example of a photo description for a giveaway could be this:
🔥 $1200 Amazon Gift Card or $1200 PayPal Gift!
🔥 To participate, follow these steps:
1️⃣ Follow all accounts @one_of_our_host_profiles is following
2️⃣ Tag ONE friend in the comments (Unlimited entries allowed by tagging one friend)  

Open internationally. Ends (date) (Time Zone). Winner must be following ALL accounts, will be chosen at random, and will be announced on @one_of_our_host_profiles in the stories. Winners will be contacted via DM to claim prize. Not in any way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram™, Amazon™ or PayPal™.

By participating you confirm you are 13+ years of age. Organized by Loop Giveaways.

You are not allowed to change the text, you are however, welcomed to translate the description into second language (the engish version must be included). For legal reasons, all information and disclaimers need to remain present in the description as we send it to you 2 days before the official opening of the giveaway.  

Step 5: On giveaway day, standard participants post their photo promoting the giveaway in the agreed time.  

Step 6 (what makes us different): We announce the giveaway with paid Insta Ads using “Giveaway Affinity Retarget” to custom audiences we have accumulated over the years while running “Lookalike Audience Program” that creates a traffic tunnel of new people with similar giveaway affinities. 

The campaigns start and end at the same time with the Giveaways.  

Step 7: Causing a redistribution of niche followers as described in Step 4! Woohoo! Anonymous participants can just watch the followers roll in.  

Step 8: After three days, the giveaway is closed. On the fourth day, the winner is announced in the story of the official giveaway account @one_of_our_host_profiles is following.  

Which means standard participants can keep, remove, archive, or do with their picture as they please after four days.  

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